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About Reverb

Margaret specializes in creating unique rooms and spaces that resonate with homeowners and business professionals. She works closely with customers to determine the colors, styles, textures, and other elements that inspire them and carefully works those into curated rooms, homes, and offices.

Her intensive education and 15 years of experience working alongside world-class designers like Jean Gray, Barbara Morse, and James Howlett have informed Margaret’s fresh, vivid, and eclectic approach to design.

Working primarily in the greater New York and tri-state regions, Margaret’s signature look is sought by discriminating clients along the Eastern seaboard. She received her Interior Design Degree from the Royal College of Art in London and her master’s degree from Brooklyn’s prestigious Art Institute.

When not helping others design their custom spaces, Margaret enjoys spending time with her husband, Steve, exploring the hidden gems within their hometown of Brooklyn and studying WWII history.

Contact Reverb Design now to learn how Margaret can help you create a space that you can’t wait to come home (or work!) to.