ACD + Simply Sold: Cultivating Creativity at Home

In case you missed it last week, Avery Cox Design went live on Instagram with our home renovation friends at Simply Sold! Ashley Wainscott, owner and founder, joined Avery to discuss ways to boost your creativity when working remotely, and our we shared our favorite tips for a home office set-up. Here are just a few takeaways – head on over to Simply Sold’s IG page for the full chat.

Realize that color, clutter, and function of a space all affect your mood, oftentimes subconsciously.

Mental space and physical space are interconnected! Create more “space in your mind” by creating physical space specifically for yourself.

Take small breaks regularly to recharge and stay motivated.

Get outside as much as you can – nature is one of our best sources for inspiration!

For those of us still working remotely, get inspired by some of our favorite home offices below.

image 2504